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Miscellaneous Information

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FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) and Data Representations WG BoF

Lucio Chiappetti

FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format, developed in the late 1970s, has proven a successful de facto standard data interchange format of astronomy. 

Since 1988 the IAU FITS Working Group has been charged, with a resolution of the International Astronomical Union, to mantain the FITS data format existing standard and approve future extensions.
With the recent reform of IAU commissions and working groups, the FITS WG will be absorbed in the new Data Representations WG, in order to consider the broadening of the data landscape, where some new facilities are exploring alternatives to the FITS standard in order to manage their issues of data scale and complexity.
The new WG shall manage a careful and minimally disruptive transition from FITS to more modern and capable data representations, in a way to assure and maintain the fluent interoperability of telescope data that has not only made multi-wavelength astronomical research commonplace,
but has also made our data management practices the envy of many other disciplines.
The proposed BoF session will allow to present collectively the last updates to the FITS standard, with the time representation WCS and the incorporation of a number of useful conventions, as well as to act as a "constituent phase" for the new Data Representation WG.