ID Title Abstract First name Last name
D1 Astronomy services at CDS: SIMBAD, VizieR, Aladin 30358 Mark Allen
D2 FACT-Tools (Demo) – Processing High-Volume Telescope Data 31323 Jens Buss
D3 ASTERICS -  Astronomy ESFRI and Research Infrastructure Cluster 31165 Giuseppe Cimo
D4 The Common Archive Observation Model: Open Source Model and Infrastructure 31341 Patrick Dowler Donovan
D5 ESAC Science Data Centre 31662 Fabrizio Giordano
D6 SciServer/Compute: Bring Analysis Close to the Data 30832 Jai Won Kim
D7 ALMAWebQL v2: a modern interactive client-server architecture for fast previewing of large ALMA datasets 31067 Christopher Zapat
D8 ADASS XXVII in Chile      
D9 ESO-Reflex for the Very Large Telescope 31678 Lars Lundin
undef ALTEC: Platforms, Services, Products and Competences for Data Processing Centres   ALTEC