ID Title Abstract First name Last name
I1.1 From ISO to Gaia : a 20-years journey through data archives management 31052 Christophe Arviset
I3.1 NASA's Long-Term Astrophysics Data Archives 29805 Luisa Rebull
I4.1 Searches of gravitational-wave transients with low latency 236 Eric Chassande-Mottin
I5.1 Lessons we should have learned from SDSS, HSC, and LSST 240 Robert Lupton
I10.1 Data Modeling in the Virtual Observatory framework 30876 Mireille Louys
I11.1 The rise of Python and the open-development revolution in Astronomy 30896 Thomas Robitaille
I12.1 Shall numerical astrophysics step into era of exascale computing? 241 Giuliano Taffoni
I13.1 EGI technical platforms for advanced computing 237 Tiziana Ferrari