Tuesday 18 October 2016

ID Title Abstract First name Last name
P2.3 DISCOS project status and evolution towards Continuous Integration 30318 Marco Bartolini
P1.12 Reconstruction of Solar X-ray Images from Visibilities with Compressed Sensing 31482 Simon Felix
P2.2 Machine Learning approaches for detection and classification of astrochemical spectral lines 30241 Alejandro Barrientos
P4.21 Long-term data management in the SAO RAS archive system 30127 Olga Zhelenkova
P4.14 XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSA) 31329 María Henar Sarmiento
P6.20 MAISIE: a Multipurpose Astronomical Instrument SImulator Environment 31047 Alan O'Brien
P6.18 Scaling Up Data Cube Indexing Services for Content-based Searches in the Chilean Virtual Observatory 30383 Marcelo Mendoza


Wednesday 19 October 2016

ID Title Abstract First name Last name
P5.4 Medicina, Noto and VLBI-IT Radio Archive: modelling radio data formats. 30808 Simona Righini
P2.10 The Binary star DataBase BDB v3.0 30213 Dana Kovaleva
P6.11 "Python code parallelization, challenges and alternatives" 30567 Justo Gonzalez
P4.1 Discovering European Hubble Science Archive Data 30993 Maria Arevalo Sanchez
P4.20 SpArc: Preservation of 20 years of Spectrographic Data 27000 Michael D Young