Louys Mireille Y.
CDS, observatoire de Strasbourg and ICUBE laboratory, Université Strasbourg

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 30876
Identifier: I10.1
Presentation: Invited speaker
Key Theme: 5 Data Models in Astrophysics

Data Modeling in the Virtual Observatory framework

Louys Mireille Y.

This paper describes the scope of the effort and the adopted strategy, and provides a number of examples to highlight the interoperability benefits. We describe the main concepts needed to characterise data sets including the coverage profile of the data in terms of: spatial, spectral, temporal, observable, and polarimetric axes and quality indicators such as: resolution, accuracy, statistical errors along each of these axes. Also included are the generic resource metadata that are needed to identify a data file in a publishing archive, including information such as the instrument and facility name. How the metadata profile generated from theses data models are put in action in IVOA protocols and applications is also presented. We describe the impact of data modeling in the IVOA architecture and how it can provide a general semantical background for observational data.