Rebull Luisa
Infrared Science Archive (IRSA), Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC), Caltech, USA
United States

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 29805
Identifier: I3.1
Presentation: Invited Speaker
Key Theme:  4 Long-term Management of Data Archives

NASA's Long-Term Astrophysics Data Archives

Rebull Luisa, Teplitz Harry, Grrom Steve, Vandana Desai, McGlynn Tom, Smale Alan, Berriman Bruce, Akeson Rachel, Mazzarella Joe, White Rick

NASA regards data handling and archiving as an integral part of space missions, since the IRAS satellite in 1983. Archives enable a major return on investment, where it has been shown that the presence and accessibility of the archive doubles (at least!) the number of papers resulting from the data. Ease of access and ease of data use is critical, and funding of archival research (e.g., the ADAP program) is also important not only for making scientific progress, but also for encouraging authors to deliver data products back to the archive. NASA has also enabled a robust system that can be maintained over the long term, through technical innovation careful attention to resource allocation. This talk will provide a brief overview of some of NASA's major archives, including IRSA, MAST, HEASARC, KOA, NED, the Exoplanet Archive, and ADS.