Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31125
Identifier: P8.12
Presentation: Poster presentation
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MOSCA: A generic library for MOS data reduction

Garcia Dabo Cesar Enrique, Möhler Sabine

MOSCA (MultiObject Spectroscopy Common Algorithms) is a C++ library developed at ESO to ease the reduction of data from multi-object spectrographs. The main project goals are:
- Pluggable design to support different reduction paradigms.
- Self-calibration approach using pattern matching techniques.
- Based on concept of pseudo-slits which can map to real MOS slits, long slits, fibres, etc.
- Based on CPL (Common Pipeline Library) and GSL (GNU Scientific Library) for low level data processing.
- Support for multiplexed spectra.
Recent versions of the FORS and VIMOS instrument pipelines are based on MOSCA, demonstrating that the library is generic enough to be used across instruments. This brings benefits in terms of scientific testing and maintenance costs. We present here the main design of the library as well as examples of its use in existing instruments.