Noumaru Junichi
Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
United States

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31346
Identifier: P8.19
Presentation: Poster presentation
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Progress of computer and network replacement at Subaru Telescope

Junichi Noumaru, Kiaina Schubert, Tom Winegar, Eiji Kyono, Hitomi Yamanoi

We’ll present the design of Subaru Telescope’s computer and network system which will be replaced in 2018, and the replacement strategy. We will make the five-year contract with a vendor that will provide us with the services that we require, by hardware and software that the vendor will own, and by the operation and maintenance made by the vendor’s workforce. The goal of this procurement is to deliver quality service to the observatory staff as well as the telescope users within the budget constraint. To achieve this goal, we will consolidate hardware as much as possible and share one device for multiple purposes. Because of this, our project will cover more computers than ever - the computers for data reduction, observation control, instrument control and maintenance, data archive, internal/external web servers, VM platform for various servers, internal network, WiFi, firewall and security. Most products are located in Subaru Telescope premises in Hawaii, but a counterpart of data archive system in Hawaii is located at the headquarters of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in Mitaka, Tokyo. This procurement is made with a "Rental Contract" with a vendor at this time, for five years. This rental contract covers the design, delivery, installation, being a product licensee, configurations, data migration from the previous system, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance by one vendor. Since a vendor will commit to every step of the computer procurement, the vendor must guarantee the functions and performance it promised. The results from the past procurements were satisfactory in function, performance and stability. Because this project is funded by Japanese Government, the procurement process must be compliant with Japanese Government's rule. As of the ADASS meeting, the RFI (Request for Information) would have been made public and we would have received feedback from the business that is interested in the contract. With this presentation, we would like to share the ideas behind the RFI we will disclose with the ADASS participants. And we may introduce technical breakthrough that we learned through the process toward this procurement.