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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31664
Identifier: P1.34
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 1 Reduction and Analysis Algorithms for Large Databases and Vice-versa

ARTEMIX (Alma RemoTE MIning eXperiment)

Philippe Salomé, Nodar Kasradze, Michel Caillat

Even if not yet in full operation mode, the ALMA observatory has already delivered huge amounts of data. Those data are accessible to download via the ALMA science archive portal from their parent project id. We present here ARTEMIX (Alma RemoTE MIning eXperiment), a development from the Paris Observatory that aims at exploring new tools for metadata and datacube remote visualisation. ARTEMIX does not reprocess the calibrated data. It is thought as a collection of display facilities which aim is to ease the definition of trans-project subsamples. Future developments, like automated subsample selection via higher-level data analysis are possible, but require the access to fully imaged data-cubes that are not provided yet.