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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31316
Identifier: P2.17
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 2 Management of Scientific and Data Analysis Projects

PERICubes - an on-line Astronomical and Planetary Ergonomic Research Interface for data Cubes

Savalle Renaud, Erard Stephane, Le Sidaner Pierre

We have developed a web-based tool to preview data cubes and facilitate their exploration with existing spectrum analysis programs. The APERICubes tool is part of VESPA, an integrated system connecting many data services related to Planetary Sciences and Heliophysics. APERICubes was originally designed to handle PDS cubes from the VIRTIS imaging spectrometer on the ESA Venus Express mission, but its architecture is versatile enough to accommodate other FITS IFU data cubes (data from the ESO GIRAFFE spectrograph are supported). After being prepared on the server, the cube image planes are available through JS9 (a Javascript port of the popular image visualization tool DS9). The user has access to various plugins for image analysis, and can select a pixel or a region of interest. The corresponding spectrum, computed by a servlet in real-time, is then plotted. Thanks to the VO SAMP protocol the generated spectra can be sent to dedicated clients such as Cassis to be analyzed and compared.