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Miscellaneous Information

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Interpolation between Compact Binary Population Synthesis Models

Barrett Jim

As we enter the era of gravitational wave astronomy, it seems probable that we are going to have many observations of black hole and neutron star mergers. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty as to how a merging compact binary is formed in the first place. Population synthesis codes tie together cutting edge physics to simulate the lifetimes of a millions of pairs of stars in a universe governed by an array of 'hyperparameters', controlling things like the transfer of mass between stars and the asymmetry of supernova explosions. Unfortunately, this parameter space is large and the simulations expensive. My work is concerned with making inferences about the simulations we haven't run yet, given the ones we have, and deciphering which areas of the parameter space we know least about, so we know how best to spend our CPU hours.