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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31085
Identifier: P1.27
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 1 Reduction and Analysis Algorithms for Large Databases and Vice-versa

AMAZED: Algorithm for Massive Automated Z Evaluation and Determination

Schmitt Alain, Arnouts Stéphane, Borges Renato, Chabaud Pierre-Yves, Fauchier Florian, Jamal Sara, Vincent Le Brun, Le Fèvre Olivier, Surace Christian, Tresse Laurence, Vibert Didier, Vidal Clément

As of Today, at z>1, the best redshift estimation is done by humans. Next generation galaxy surveys with millions of galaxies require a fully automated process with no human intervention. The goal of AMAZED is to automatically measure the redshift of any galaxy and associated redshift reliability. This requires new generation algorithms. AMAZED is an automatic redshift estimation software package developed in the framework of both EUCLID and PFS large-scale spectroscopic surveys involving the LAM. The AMAZED project aims at providing a fully automated and versatile (instrument type, resolution, ...) redshift estimation tool. AMAZED focuses on future all-sky surveys like the NISP slitless spectrograph surveys on the ESA-Euclid mission (applicable to NASA-WFIRST), as well as future deep pointed surveys with massively multiplexed spectrographs like the Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph. This poster is focused on some algorithmic concepts and results obtained with simulated data and real data.