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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31118
Identifier: P8.23
Presentation: Poster presentation
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Update of the JVO Subaru Suprime-Cam mosaic image archive

Shirasaki Yuji, Zapart Christophe, Ohishi Masatoshi, Mizumoto Yoshihiko

Suprime-Cam is a wide field imager attached to the Subaru Telescope, which consists of ten 2048 x 4096 CCDs and covers a 34'x27' field of view. Since the start of operation in 2001, it has been generating more than 16 TB of data for 2000 deg^2 of the sky. Although the role as a deep and wide field surveyer was handed over to the new instrument, the Hyper-Cam, the archived data still give us a lot of scientific values. We have developed a fully automated data reduction pipeline, and the processed data has been released on the JVO Subaru reduced data archive. In the last year, we updated the reduction pipeline to increase the mosaic success rate, and all the data were reprocessed on JVO analysis system with 348 CPU cores in total. Those data were released on the JVO portal in April of 2016. The GUI interface of the Suprime-Cam archive on the JVO portal was also updated to incorporate the Aladin-lite to display the data coverage of each image on the sky. We present the algorithm of the updated reduction pipeline, processing environment, characteristics of the mosaic images, and GUI of the JVO Suprime-Cam archive.