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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31100
Identifier: P2.21
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 2 Management of Scientific and Data Analysis Projects

PF-SPE : A spectroscopic redshift measurement and spectral features extraction prototype for EUCLID

Surace Christian, Le Fevre Olivier, Chabaud Pierre-Yves, Fauchier Florian, Schmitt Alain, and the PF-SPE consortium

Euclid is a space mission, currently under development, led by the European Space Agency. The reduction pipeline has been organized in Processing Function. This contribution focuses on the Processing function "SPE", the goal of which is to measure the redshift and the spectroscopic features of the objects observed with the instrument NISP.  We will define the different aspects of the PF-SPE reduction elements, the way to deal with data and the insertion into the special environment that has been created for all Euclid developers. New algorithms have been tested on simulated data and have shown really good results.