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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31155
Identifier: P8.27
Presentation: Poster presentation
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An Automated Galaxy Recognition and Redshift Measurement System for  Low-resolution Spectra

Zhang Jiannan, Chen Xiaoyan, Wu Yue, Wang Mengxin

The automated spectral type recognition and redshift measurement is the target of the spectra reduction system of modern telescope survey projects. In this paper, we illustrate an automated galaxy spectra recognition system used in LAMOST low-resolution spectra reduction. The galaxy spectral reductin achieves two goals: one is the galaxy spectra recognition , the other is redshift measuremet. Compared with the PCAZ method based on the whole spectral data, which has been used in SDSS pipeline and other spectra survey projects,  this system is based on galaxy spectral lines detection and lines parameters measurement. The results on the low-resolution spectra of LAMOST project show that the system can achieve 92% corect recognition rate for the data with SNR > 5,  and more than 80% corect recognition rate for the data with SNR > 2, while the accuration of redshift measurement is 0.0002 (60km/s). The galaxy spectra  recognition system has enhance the LAMOST galaxy recognition rate, especially for the low SNR data and the spectra data with flux calibration problem.