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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31592
Identifier: P8.30
Presentation: Poster presentation
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AstroNomical Information System V3

Agneray François, Moreau Chrystel

ANIS (AstroNomical Information System) is a web generic tool developed at CeSAM to facilitate and standardize the implementation of astronomical data of various kinds through private and/or public dedicated Information Systems. The ANIS architecture is composed of a database server which contains the project data, a web user interface template which provides high level services (search, extract and display imaging and spectroscopic data using a combination of criteria, an object list, a sql query module or a cone search interfaces), a framework composed of several packages, and a metadata database managed by a web administration entity. A new version of ANIS is currently in development and the main goal for this new implementation is to provide several web services access. Indeed the new version is based on a RESTful architecure and users or softwares will be able to call ANIS server via URLs. Finally user interface was redesigned in single page application (SPA) in order to streamline the user experience.