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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 30282
Identifier: P2.6
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 2 Management of Scientific and Data Analysis Projects

Interacting with SDSS-IV MaNGA Data using Marvin

Cherinka Brian

The MaNGA survey is an on-going survey a part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.  It is a wide-field  optical IFU survey, delivering 3d spectroscopic data cubes, as well as 2d maps of derived analysis properties (gas+stellar kinematics, emission/absorption line measurements), for over 10000 galaxies.  Over the lifetime of the survey, MaNGA will deliver a large, complex, N-dimensional dataset.  Interacting with this dataset is a major challenge.  One that requires a smart framework to allow for easy and intuitive exploration of the MaNGA galaxies, no matter the data location.  Marvin is that tool.  Marvin is a Python package that provides a suite of tools to programmatically interact with local MaNGA files.  It has a built-in API for remote access to the data, as well a web front-end for pure browser-based remote exploration.  Perform complex searches over the entire MaNGA dataset at once, and get only what you ask for.  Interact with individual objects extracting only the information at the spaxels you want.  Marvin can seamlessly integrate into your scientific workflow abstracting away all the complexities of sifting through a large 3d IFU dataset.