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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31351
Identifier: P6.9
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 6 Python in Astronomy

The JWST Data Analysis Toolkit

Justine Ely

The nominal 5 year mission of JWST mandates that the user community be able to perform robust scientific analysis and visualization from the very first day of operations. Though the JWST calibration pipelines will provide a thorough and robust calibration to the datasets, this will by necessity not address the specific needs of every possible science case. A more tailored re-calibration, as well as the following scientific investigation, require users to be able to efficiently explore and analyze their datasets. Where the JWST calibration pipelines leave off with high-quality calibrated data, the data analysis tools pick up and provide a suite of both JWST specific and generalized tools to facilitate scientific investigations. This toolkit is an evolving collection of stand-alone tools, algorithms, and libraries pertinent to JWST data and astronomical data analysis. Though the full-suite of tools will be even richer at launch, already included are spectral and image viewers, tools for general linked-dataset analysis, and libraries for photometry, spectroscopy, and image manipulation. These tools are being built predominantly in the Python programming language, hosted publicly on GitHub, and distributed in STScI’s Anaconda channel; AstroConda.