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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 30849
Identifier: P1.37
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 1 Reduction and Analysis Algorithms for Large Databases and Vice-versa

IBIS-A The IBIS solar spectropolarimetric data archive

Ermolli Ilaria, Giordano Silvio, Giorgi Fabrizio, Guido Vincenzo, Marassi Alessandro, Volpicelli Antonio, Di Marcantonio Paolo, Zuccarello Francesca

We review the efforts undertaken to set up and operate the IBIS-A archive of ground-based solar spectropolarimetric observations, in the VSO (Virtual Solar Observatory) framework, by using IBIS data, SOAP/XML Web Services, and Usage-Centered Design approach. The IBIS (Interferometric BIdimensional Spectropolarimeter) is a high cadence, dual Fabry-Perot interferometer spectropolarimeter constructed by a consortium of italian institutes and installed at the Dunn Solar Telescope of the US National Solar Observatory in New Mexico. The instrument allows for spectropolarimetric observations of the solar photosphere and chromosphere at high spatial, spectral, and temporal resolution, within the 550-860 nm range. The IBIS-A is realized in the framework of the FP7 SOLARNET High-resolution Solar Physics Network project that aims at integrating the major European infrastructures in the field of high-resolution solar physics, as a step towards the realisation of the 4m EST European Solar Telescope.