Farrell Tony J.
Australian Astronomical Observatory

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Abstract Reference: 31101
Identifier: P8.11
Presentation: Poster presentation
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2dFdr - still going strong after 20 years!

Farrell Tony J., Lidman Chris, Birchall Michael

The 2dFdr fibre MOS reduction package originated with the original 2dF instrument and its original spectrograph in the mid 1990s.  As the 2dF instrument has been upgraded with new spectrographs and features through its 20 years of life to address new science roles, so has 2dFdr.  Originally designed to reduce spectra for the 2dF Galaxy redshift survey on what is now considered very slow hardware, it is now reducing spectra from AAT’s AAOmega Spectrograph to the dramatically higher quality required for surveys such as SAMI and OzDES, as well as reducing data from HERMES and with the soon to be commissioned TAIPAN instrument being added.  We examine some of the more significant improvements in recent years and the quality of the results from the current version.